Glossy Cardstock Straw Technique!

By | September 2, 2017

Glossy Cardstock Straw Technique!

One of the techniques featured in my class last weekend was the Glossy Cardstock Straw Technique. The Straw Technique requires more drying time, and can make one light-headed, so we worked on this background in stages.

To create the Glossy Cardstock Straw Technique background:

  • Step 1: Randomly place a few drops of the lightest color of ink on the glossy cardstock.
  • Step 2: Use a straw to blow into the centers of the drops while tilting the glossy cardstock to get the look you desire. Set aside to dry, unless you want more blending of the colors. (Note: I wanted to speed up the drying time so I dabbed at the pools of ink with a paper towel. I like the added texture from the paper towel. If you don’t want the added texture, then use a tissue to speed up the drying process.)
  • Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2 using your other color choices until you get the look you want.

Here are some of the Glossy Cardstock Straw Technique backgrounds I created.

Glossy Cardstock Straw Technique

This was my least favorite technique when I was preparing for the class, but not anymore. There wasn’t enough difference in the tone of the colors I chose for those two backgrounds (on the right side of the above photo) so they were too bold for my taste. On the other hand, the background I created during my class demonstration used lighter colors (Crushed Curry, Powder Pink and Bermuda Bay). I really like how that combination turned out! So, my tip for you here is to make sure you have a light tone, medium tone and dark tone. (This actually applies to any of the glossy cardstock techniques.)

I haven’t used the first two Glossy Cardstock Straw Technique backgrounds yet, but here are two cards that I made using the Ribbon of Courage Bundle and the Glossy Cardstock Straw Technique background I created during the class. I’ll share what I make with the other two Glossy Cardstock Straw Technique backgrounds at some point, but not today. (Note: The Ribbon of Courage Bundle is also available in wood mount for those of you who prefer having the wood mount.)

Glossy Cardstock Straw Technique

Tomorrow’s post will feature one of the other techniques we used during the class. In the meantime…

The Holiday catalog is now available! Be sure to go here to take a look, and contact me if you would like your own copy.

Holiday Catalog 2017

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