Season to Season Wreath Project Kit – Finished!

By | November 13, 2015

My Season to Season Wreath Project Kit is finished!

Yesterday I shared some Project Life scrapbook pages I had created showing the process for preparing and assembling the Season to Season Wreath Project Kit. Today you get to see the finished wreath!

Wreath Project Kit Season-To-Season-001b

It is so amazing to me that everyone’s wreath will turn out differently. If you scroll down to the end of this post I have a photo of Melinda’s wreath and my wreath – side by side – so you can see the difference.

I admit I changed mine up which in itself makes it different from everyone else’s. I decided to add the leaves from the bottom center on BOTH sides of the wreath, Wreath Project Kit SeasonToSeason_Undecorated
working up to the top center so they met in the middle. It takes a little bit more “playing” with the leaves, but I like this look and feel the additional effort was worth it. I chose not to use any of the greeting banners, again making it my own! This is one of the things I like about hand made items. We can easily change them up to suit our taste and needs, thereby creating unique projects.

I struggled with the bow! I’ve never been very good at creating floral bows. I always feel like I am “all thumbs”, and burlap is such a thick fabric that it becomes even more challenging. I ended up doing an Internet search and found this link. My bow is loosely based on this technique. I LOVE how it turned out!

You may be asking, “What makes this a ‘Season to Season‘ wreath?” The kit Wreath Project Kit SeasonToSeason_Christmascomes with the supplies to create a Halloween banner (with bats, “boo” and honeycomb circles!),

a Fall banner (similar to the one I have used, but I adapted mine) and Christmas trees with sequins for a Christmas banner. Stampin’ Up! has so many wonderful images that can help you create all the banners you need to put the wreath to use from Season to Season! So after Christmas, just change out the banner with one that has New Year’s cheers and fireworks; then hearts for Valentines; then baby chicks and Easter eggs for Easter; and so on… and so on! I’ll try to make some examples and share them with you. (Note: I almost forgot to mention, the kit comes with three different ribbons for the bow… and both the banner and the bow are pinned in place – not glued – so they are easy to change our from Season to Season!)

Here is the “promised” photo showing how different our two wreaths turned out. Her leaves have more of a curl to them… and she used more of them… so her wreath has a much fuller look to it than mine does. She wasn’t sure how she wanted to do her bow, so technically her wreath wasn’t finished yet at the time the photo was taken.

Wreath Project Kit Season-To-Season-Comparison

Anyone interested in doing a class?!? Leave a comment below to let me know.

(Note: This wreath is NOT included in my monthly blog give-away.)

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