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Glossy Cardstock Ghosting Technique!

Glossy Cardstock Ghosting Technique! The Glossy Cardstock Ghosting Technique is one of the easiest and least messy of the glossy cardstock techniques. It is a resist technique using a VersaMark ink pad, so it is also referred to as the VersaMark Resist Technique. To create your Glossy Cardstock Ghosting Technique background: Step 1: Cut your glossy cardstock… Read More »

Stamping with Mia is Back!

Stamping with Mia is Back! Have you ever allowed your private life to get in the way of your business life? Well that is what happened with me, but Stamping with Mia is back! Just for some perspective, one of our children has moved back so we have been trying to fit two households into… Read More »